The Health Benefits of Coffee Vs Tea [infographic]

Which brew is better for you?  Well, that all depends on what you need--and prefer--as a pick-me-up.  You might want the benefits of antioxidants, which can be found in green tea, or the reduced risk of heart disease if you're a heavy coffee drinker.  Or maybe you just prefer the taste of one over the other.  Tea and coffee lovers have passionately debated which brew is better for years and various research has shown that each beverage is good for you, but for very different reasons.  The folks at Policy Expert have researched and highlighted some of the positives--and negatives--associated with your daily cup(s) in the infographic below.  So grab a cup of your favorite tea or coffee and ponder over some of these interesting facts.

Coffee Vs Tea

This infographic was researched and developed by Policy Expert; insurance specialists and advisors to people up and down the UK.

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