The home stretch

We select classes for next semester in just a few days — I have three more classes to take before I finally graduate, which I plan to take in one lump next semester. I’m trying to get life credits for my baking II class so I won’t have to bake muffins, pies and pretzels for 6 hours every week. It’s difficult to sit through a class you know you could teach yourself. If I can skip it, it will give me the opportunity to take our competition class.

The competition class is a rigorous lab where you practice the knife and presentation skills needed for culinary competition. If you’re good enough, you make the team. If not, you support the team. Either way, I’m anxious for the practice.

Once I have my diploma, I’ll be searching for a Master’s degree in gastronomy or similar. I can’t travel to Boston, New York or Italy, which is where current programs are held, so I’m hoping I can create an independent study through one of our local Universities.

While I’m doing that, I’ll continue working as a food writer and recipe developer. I’m being published in two cookbooks this fall, and teaching cooking classes and demos starting in November. It’s definitely been a fun ride!

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