The Most Frightening Woman At Johnson and Wales

For about two months now, every person in the culinary building has been astir with talk of “the sanitation lady”.

Once every few years, a safety and sanitation’s expert visits each of the Johnson and Wales campuses and inspects them, letting us know what needs to be changed and improved.Our Chefs would prep her coming by scaring us into cleaning the most minute of details around the kitchen.Some examples are, taking the feet off the tables, unscrewing the drain caps, and removing the door to the ovens.

She’s Here!
We were all on edge expecting “The Sanitation Lady” to show up.From the way our Chef nervously warned us each day, we all feared being expelled if something was found wrong in our kitchen.I could feel her eyes on our classroom, judging us from outside looking through the glass windows that face the hallway.Even though her presence was not announced, an odd hushed silence came upon the room.We all seemed to work a little harder knowing that this woman was watching.

When she finally came into the room I was the first to greet her.Saying hello and how are you, she was very nice.Even looking a bit like my mom, with a kind face and short dark curly hair.She gave the normal pleasantries back and smiled before moving about the room for inspection.

About an hour later, she was done looking around and took my chef out to the hallway to discuss what she found.When my Chef came back into the room, his mood had changed.His whole demeaner had changed, from the jovial teacher we all loved, to a very strict and rigid man.Seeing this, I knew it must have been bad!

And The Results Are
When class was finally over, our Chef called the class over to one table to talk.He didn’t have a smile on his face like he normally does, which scared us even more.Once we were there he explained what happened.

Apparently we are excellent at cleaning!Everything was being done properly and that she thought that of all the class rooms she went to, that our class did the best at cleaning!She did find a few things wrong, like that our butcher block tables were too beat up and were not sanitary in her mind, and that a few plastic bowls were broken and should be thrown away.But, these are the kind of things that not even a health inspector would correct you on.

I’m happy to know now that this woman, whose reputation for being so frightening and strict, thought that we were doing a great job.Although, I guess I will never know why our Chef was so upset, its good to know now that we are doing the right thing.

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