The Pastry Price Police

Free Birthday Products
Today is my sisters’ birthday, Happy Birthday Nikki, and we decided to visit a local bakehouse and creamery to get some free bagels and gelato for her.This bakehouse (which will remain unnamed) is well known, not only in Ann Arbor but across this country.They make some great breads and house cheeses, and are particularly known to sell a wide array of different jams and jelly’s’ that you can have shipped to your house.

We walked in, and my sister ordered her Free bagels, and we also bought some pretzels and a loaf of sourdough.Then walked next door to buy some cream cheese, piave, and free gelato.Everyone we encountered was very friendly and helpful.Going into the stores is a pleasant experience, its only the paying and leaving that is difficult.

Excuse Me?!
This bakery is also known for another thing: inflated prices.One thin, rock-hard bagel costs $1.35, about a half cup of melted gelato costs $4.00 and an eighth of a pound container of flavored cream cheese costs $8.50!I could not believe the prices of these items.How could they charge this much money for mediocre products?
It’s not unlike huge brands like Chanel, Prada, and Gucci that can charge whatever they want to for the their products.Regardless of their quality or true value.Just because your business is trendy or in demand and ‘hot’ means that the price is greatly inflated.It makes me frustrated to see these bakeries, restaurants, etc that have a low quality product that sells for a high amount, where just around the corner is the cheapest place you could find that has the best tasting food!

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