Things Won't Always End Up Perfect

I recently noticed about six apples were accruing at the bottom of our crisper drawer and that it was apparent that no one was going to eat them.So, when my wrist started to feel a little better from my surgery I decided I would bake something for the first time in more than two months.Seeing the untouched apples made me think that some hot apple-crisp would be a great dish to make.

Mindless Baking
So, I unearthed all of the apples from the bottom of our fridge and started cutting.Mixing them with sugar, flour, and spices and covering them with my homemade granola-crisp topping.This is a recipe that is so simple and I have made many times before.I have the recipe memorized and I don’t really even need to measure anything, just toss it in a bowl, mix it up and ready to go into the oven!

Not-So-Desired Results
Well, the only problem was that I didn’t take into account the fact that the apples were old and a bit dry.For this recipe I usually use a mix of a Golden Delicious and a Fuji; when both are fresh baked they are very juicy.Sadly these apples were very dry, leaving my apple crisp very dry.While it still tasted good, the final product was more like a chewy granola bar versus a juicy and crunchy apple crisp.

My Own Worst Critic
After trying my apple crisp, I had a desire to just toss the whole pan but I resisted.I think I am just too critical and too much of a perfectionist at times.It would be different if this had happened at my own bakery or somewhere that I was working at.But, when you are cooking at home its alright; you don’t have to be quite a picky.Not everything I bake is going to come out perfect but sometimes its hard for me to not let this bother me.

But then, a friend reminds me that even the best chefs’ in the world have products that don’t turn out the way they intended!

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