Thinking Outside The Bun

I am not a fan of fast food. That being said, I won’t act like a total hypocrite and say that I don’t partake in some awful eating habits from time to time. What if you could totally change the way we see fast food, like one cook has in New York City. Erik Trinidad, who runs Fancy Fast Food. com, has come up with a perfect blog dedicated to doing some of the most amazingly creative meals using only ingredients found at fast food restaurants. He can turn Burger King into Osso Bucco, and Wendy’s into haute cuisine. It;s ingenuity like this that makes me think that cooking is truly something special.

Popeye’s Sushi?

When I walk into a Popeye’s I’m immediately struck by the scent of crispy delicious fat, coming from the thousands of chicken breasts, thighs and legs of chicken being dumped into fryers. I almost feel nauseated by the sheer amount of calories in each breath entering my nose. Does this stop Erik? Not for a minute. Erik turns items like a box meal, coke, and a couple of sides into a gourmet feast. The food is transformed into sushi, using the same rice and beans as served with the meal.

Crazy Like A Fox

Never let anyone ever tell you that you cannot do the impossible. With today’s cooking world, anything is possible even the deconstruction of fast food into gourmet cuisine. The beauty of cooking is that you can give the same recipe and ingredients to 50 different cooks and each one will do something different. Who is crazier, the one’s who tell you to stay inside the box, or the ones who goes outside of it.

Famous Like Ferran

If you do a little background research on the world’s most famous chef, Ferran Adria, you’ll learn that he never actually had any culinary training. He started off as a dishwasher, on a line who just had a knack for food and manipulation. He later went on to master the art of molecular gastronomy and proudly showcases his “art” of at El Bulli, his restaurant in Roses, Spain. Just like Ferran, Erik is thinking outside the box, albeit with fast food. Its the endless creativity that our craft requires that allows such wonderful works of art to appear out of, well, garbage. The next time you decide to make that drive through run at McDonald’s or Wendy’s think about what Erik has done, and how you can do it better. That’s truly thinking outside the bun.

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