This is Fake, Right?!

Recently, my sister showed me a video on YouTube of a Canadian man making an omelette…or really attempting to.I watched the video (which you can see here) and could not believe what I was watching!I thought that this had to be a prank, that there was no way that someone could really be that ignorant about food.

The man behind the camera, going by the name of masaokis, has a long list of ‘how to’ videos based around preparing different food products.Mostly, this man incorrectly makes each of these products, burning himself and making even more of a mess in his already filthy kitchen.You then see him pan around his sty of an apartment with trash and mold food strewn about the rooms, and then you see the bathroom.He cleans all of the dishes in a disgusting bathtub, which is right next to the disgusting toilet with a disgusting piece of moldy bread floating in it.

While I know that there are thousands of odd videos on YouTube, I have never seen anything like the video linked above where he attempts to make an omelette.The second part of the omelette video starts out by him attempting to be the egg ‘white’ which he believes is actually the shell.He uses a hand crank beater in a pot with the egg shells, adding a bit of water to “help soften them up”.

At that point I wonder if this guy is serious.But, listening to him curse and fumble about as he attempts to make eggs shows that he is serious.I can’t believe that someone could grow up without ever knowing how to crack an egg and that you discard the shell, not try to beat it to a pulp then add it to your eggs.Although it never shows in the end whether or not he actually ate the egg-shell omelette, I would be very interested in knowing if thats how he starts his day every morning.

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