This morning, like every morning, I was eagerly scanning the web for the daily news, random tidbits, and other interesting things that might entertain me, when I stumbled upon an article on Yahoo News. This article was written by the father of a recently graduated Culinary Institute of America student, based upon information obviously fed to him by his son. The article’s content basically was about seven ways menu’s are designed to make consumers spend more.

Spend Fail

I’m all for sharing information, but this is poor taste. Its hard enough to make a restaurant successful, even if your food is outstanding. Just the other day on NPR, the husband and wife team behind the Zagat guide said to anyone thinking about starting a restaurant, simply don’t. It all goes beyond the food today, with marketing playing a huge part, and like the famous saying: location, location, location. So why point out the small details about what menu’s are designed for? Obviously they represent the soul of the restaurant, and its design is to inform and to please.

Beyond the Point

When you step into a restaurant, whats going on in your mind? Are you thinking about the price of food? The decor? Sitting at your table, is the server friendly and attentive? Does your experience go beyond your expectation? Eating out is just that, an experience. A menu is a gateway to a possibility, one that could lead you down a path of gastronomic delight or disgust. Obviously when you order a pasta dish that’s homemade and selling for $20 plus, your paying for the preparation, the time that went into the care of your food. This is no different whether your eating lobster ravioli or fois gras. The point is to entertain your palate, while the restaurant makes a profit.

Finishing Touch

Truth is, that I don’t like how one man can go out and say that restaurant design menu’s to try to get your money. When your in a field that  has such high rate of failure, it mean you have to do everything you can to stay alive. Jean George own’s twenty nine restaurants. He figured it out and did it right. 29 times. Don’t take what we do for granted, because the only way to succeed is to work hard and devote yourself. Maybe that man can devote his time to more important things, like not stealing an article from his kid. You can read the original piece here.

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