Turkey Jerky

Don’t worry, this isn’t a blog about how to make the perfect mashed potatoes…seeing as Thanksgiving is now over and I know I have read many food-related-blogs this week, all about mashed potatoes.Although, just in case you need some perfect mashed potatoes, I have a recipe for that as well!

Best The Next Day
We had a nice, modest Thanksgiving dinner at my house this year.Just my Mother, Sister, and myself with a few dishes; it was a nice change from the norm.We typically have a huge dinner at my Grandmothers house with all of our family members, but this year we moved it to Saturday.I loved just having my close family with me for this turkey-day, plus (no offense to my Grandmother because I love her) but the food was much better!My mom purchased a 22-pound free-range organic turkey from Plum Markey, which has to be ordered far in advance because of the demand.Not only did the bird taste amazing but because we bought such a large bird we now have about 3-months worth of leftovers!Oh-well, we didn’t know at the time that the date of our family dinner was going to be changed.Besides, we all concurred on the fact that turkey is almost better the next day, cold.

Turkey Omelettes?
We started joking about ideas of what to do with all of the leftover turkey; turkey pot-pie was my top pick.Turkey ’shepards’ pie, turkey soup, and even turkey omelettes were thrown out for suggestion.So I thought maybe I would post this to see if anyone had some good ideas for unique recipes that utilize the leftover turkey.

Turkey Candles
Sticking with tradition, we also cooked down the carcass for a delicious turkey soup to be eaten next week.Right now it smells as if someone has lit turkey candles, I’m on the second floor of our house and the smell of cooking turkey is still permeated in the house….8 hours later!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving as well!

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