Week 3, Chef declares: It's perfect! And you're doing the lecture next week

By George, I think we’ve got it! This was our last week of quick breads and everything went right today. Everything. Our mise, our timing, our flow, our finished product. We made an Italian polenta bundt cake, and because we had not made biscuits yet, our team asked if we could give the biscuits a try.

Referring to our cake, Chef declared, “It’s perfect!” And when we plated our biscuits, Chef asked, “Who made these biscuits on the first day of class, because this is what they should have looked like,” pointing to our cheesy, yummy biscuits.

I’m glad quick breads are over because I’m dying to move on to yeast breads. But before yeast breads, we’re on to pie dough. Oh, yeah. I recently won the apple category, professional division, of the Crisco National Pie Championships, which should be airing on Food Network in September. Needless to say, I’m excited to make pies in class.

I thought Chef was kidding last week when he suggested I help with the lecture on pie crusts. He was, in fact, quite serious and confirmed tonight that he would like me to help next week. I absolutely love to teach and can’t wait to share my research and findings with the class. Neat!

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