We'll It's Kinda Like A Headrest...

I was, thankfully, able to shove everything into my car and still have room for both Ericka and myself to sit somewhat comfortably.My skis were perched on the top of the passenger seat headrest.“Well, it’s kinda like a headrest”, Ericka said as she plopped herself in the seat.

We left bright and early that morning, finally hitting the road around 7 AM after giving my mom a tearful goodbye.We drove all day, through Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and into Iowa.After playing the Alphabet game and other road-trip favorite all day, we were ready to get out and take a break.

Did she say Wacko?
We stopped in Des Moines and decided to go downtown to find an interesting restaurant for dinner.Trying to find a place to eat, we parked and started walking around.After walking several blocks, Ericka and I stopped and asked some local women where a good place to eat was.About three women started loudly pointing in different directions and giving us suggestions to many different places.

“Did she say wacko?”

I asked Ericka as we walked away from the women, confused.

Ericka and I ended up in a french restaurant called Django. Walking in the front door we saw the dimly lit room, with a large raw bar placed in the middle of the dining room, completely empty with the exception of one table of two.We were seated oddly in the middle of the room where bussers and severs passed back in fourth; I was almost scared of being hit by one of them.

Besides the lack of humanity around us, the food and service was amazing!Ericka picked a hanger steak with a red-wine demi-glaze, served with green beans and steak frites.I picked the New York Strip, medium-rare, with dauphinoise potatoes and sauteed green beans.The steaks were cooked perfectly and everything was nice and hot, a huge pet-pieve of mine!If you are ever in Des Moines I would definitely recommend Django.

40 Miles To Nowhere
After completely stuffing ourselves with delicious french food, Ericka and I were ready to hit the road again to try and make it a few more miles.After just a few minuets into the drive, and seeing a sign stating there was a very small town 40 miles away, we decided to call it a night.We ended up staying at a motel 6, which was surprisingly the nicest looking place in the small town of Avoca, Des Moines.

I was amazed that we had made it almost 1,200 miles in just one day!

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