We're Movin' On Up!

Classes at JWU Denver are starting very soon, which means its time for me to move back out to Denver and move onto campus.I am staying in Trianalo Hall, which is an upperclassmen, apartment style dorm.I will have one roommate, Ericka, you might have heard her name in some of my previous posts. She is flying here next Monday for us to drive back in my Toyota Rav4 out to school.

This week I have the daunting task of packing all of my belongings into my small car. When I got home earlier in the year, all of my things were haphazardly shoved into a corner in our basement, and wasn’t really sorted or organized.The only thing that was taken out were my clothes, kitchen tools, and bathroom essentials.

This is what I get to try to pack and fin it my car….and this is only about half of the volume!I still have an entire closet to clean out.

The drive will take us about three days to get there, its about a 20 hour drive and doing it all in one or two days is a little rough.Hopefully it wont be so bad with my best friend there!Check back next week to see how it went.

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