We've Got Money Hunny!

So we all know that going to college is expensive, and that can be very difficult to find the money you need to pay for it.Although I’m sure how most colleges are with helping their students financial, Johnson and Wales University goes out of their way to help its students.

My Empty Wallet
I have to pay for college myself, so getting as much scholarship money as I can is important and necessary.Thankfully, last year I got all of my tuition and charges for school paid for by scholarships except for about $4,500 every three months.This may seem like a lot still but my total charges last year were over $31,000!

This spring and summer I was very sick and racked up a ton medical bills.Also, I couldn’t get my FAFSA done early, and had to file it very late.JWU’s scholarships are based on a first-come first-served basis, so lets just say I’m having a harder time to pay for school.So, needless to say, I am having a very hard time coming up with the money to pay for school.

So, if you are in need to scholarships for school here are some places that you may not have found yet.First there is chef4students, which comes right from this website!Also, for culinary specific scholarships try The James Beard Foundation,ICES, Clark DeHaven Scholarships, and many more.Don’t forget that most of these culinary scholarships require several essays AND a reference from a teacher that knows about your culinary techniques.

Hope that helps and good luck hunting down money hunny!

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