What A Waste

I woke up this week bracing for something I’ve never had to deal with before, otherwise known here in Buffalo as “Show Season”. Apparently with show season, comes nonstop rushes and celebrities galore. It was also this week that brought the end of the reign of our head chef, Joe Bae. He quit our staff unfortunately, in order to further practice his own craft. So here we are, the three of us, his last day, gearing up for war.

My mind and reflexes are as honed as my freshly steeled knives. Were stocked, and ready to begin. Like each normal day we check the prep for the day, and take care of the parties for that day. This day, it happened to be a whopper of a party, over a hundred people in such a small space. Now, I know how most people are when it comes to food ordering for parties, they think more is better. In our case, we made enough food to feed a thousand, and I mean no exaggeration by that. The kitchen was flooded with food, which in turn cause little to no usable space for any of what happened next.

The entire Buffalo Sabres hockey team decides to show up literally seconds after the party ended. Them, the staff, and all their entourages came and and slaughtered us like helpless cattle. Orders upon orders of steaks, sushi, pork chops and various pasta dishes flooded the kitchen five at a time. We were in utter chaos, with the kitchen cluttered with trays of uneaten food. If the term deer in headlights could justify our situation. I felt lost and tragically confused. Saute continued to get pummeled with orders, grill immediately fell the effect of the weeds, and the downhill effect continued to me. No matter what we tried to do we dug deeper into the weeds.

All in all the food came extraordinarily late. Orders that normally took minutes took almost an hour. I consider it one of my greatest culinary failures of my life. There is no real way to describe how helpless one can feel when the weeds overtake you. It seems almost that the harder you try the deeper behind you get. I almost couldn’t control my rage at the ineptitude of our servers and the obnoxiousness of the small kitchen. Does any of my readers have a similar story to share? If so, place it in the comments below.Till later, my fellow chefs.

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