What works in school, doesn't always work at home

I’ve heard restaurant chefs say it a million times during interviews: what works on the job, doesn’t always work at home. They have favorite dishes they create in the restaurant, but because of the equipment available at the restaurant, they can never duplicate the dish the same way at home.

That was true for me this week, when I tried to make pasta for the first time — you can read about the I Love Lucy episode we created in our kitchen, on my blog. (which, BTW, is a Chef2Chef top 100 food blog – vote 5-hats for Wicked Good Dinner, pretty please.)

The pasta was really the first recipe from school that I’ve tried at home. All of the other techniques — dry and moist cooking methods, rouxs, sauces, etc., I’ve made a million times at home, successfully. Ironically though, they never turn out as well at school.

I’m learning that it all comes down to equipment and how familiar you are with that equipment. I know my home stove and oven very well. But the school’s induction stove tops and temperamental ovens and I are just starting to get to know each other, and I’ve had to rescue many fonds on the brink of burning.

I’m confident by semester’s end, I’ll get the hang of it and can rock my level 2 classes.

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