When Eating Becomes An Adventure

By now we've all seen, or at least heard about, that episode of No Reservations where Anthony Bourdain eats the still beating cobra heart just seconds after it is removed, but most of us don't strive to ever try it ourselves. The same cannot be said of The Gastronauts, a group ofadventurous eaters in New York. The group was started about four years ago by a couple of friends who were interested in unusual foods from different cultures and has since expanded to around 475 members. Once a month, a group of Gastronauts, ranging in size from 30 to 90 members, gathers together for dinner. Sometimes meals are based on foods from a specific location, such as Malaysia or Mexico, while others are based on a theme such as their Walking Tapas dinner which featured delights such as grasshopper, ostrich and various chicken parts. Other meals are often just plain horrifying, such as one that featured freshly killed octopus tentacles eaten while still squirming (word has it that the tentacles sometimes suction themselves to your tongue as you try to eat them.)

Put simply, The Gastronauts are a like-minded group of folks who are interested in fun and adventure, with a whole lot of shock value thrown in and based on their tremendous following, it appears that there are quite a few extremely adventurous eaters out there.

For ideas on how to expand your own culinary horizons check out an episode of Bizarre Foods on the Travel Channel or have a look at this blog post called The Weird Things That People Eat Around The World.

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