Which Class Is This?

Well, the good news is that I am getting a little more used to using the ulearn system to take my online classes.I am successfully keeping up with homework (for now) and am trying to navigate around the website everyday to become more familiar with it.The site is a little more complicated then I thought it would be, as there are several different pages under one course that you have to look to find what is due that week.

Feeling Confused…Still
I have talked with all three of my professors and they seem more than happy to help, which makes me feel a little at ease that there is someone there who is willing to assist me.The only negative to taking these online courses so far is getting the books.It isn’t until the day that the class starts that I knew what book I needed.Seeing as I am not on campus, I didn’t have a bookstore to walk into and when I called to ask about what I needed, the student working there seemed confused and overwhelmed by what I was asking her.

Book Woes
Thankfully, I found one book I need on Half.com for only $3!On the flip side, we will be using the newest edition of a hospitality book.This means that there are no used books yet to buy on sale, so I am forced to order a brand new one online for $180!To make matters worse, I needed the book 3 days ago to be able to study for a quiz that we were to take this past weekend.Obviously I wasn’t the only student in the same predicament of being book-less; so our professor changed the quiz to this upcoming weekend.The only frustrating thing now is that I STILL don’t have the book!Hopefully it will come in time for this Saturday or I will just have to do my best educated guesses on this quiz.

I am trying to keep in my mind that this is only week one, and that as time goes on it will become easier to manage everything.Right now it seems my head starts to spin every time I open up the site, I just can’t seem to remember what assignment goes with what class, and which set of links I have to click to get to my homework.Just another difficult task for someone who is a visual and hands-on learner.

Well, I am off to eat some freshly made rosemary-garlic veal chops that my mom made!Hope your homework is coming just as well!

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