Who Says The Airport Has Terrible Food?

At this moment I am sitting in the Denver International Airport, waiting for my flight back to Michigan.And, I am hoping that my flight is the only one NOT delayed.

For those of you whom have not been to DIA its a very nice airport.The airport, while itself is not new, but the inside decor and amenities are constantly being updated.Leaving a nice, new looking airport!It come equipped with private changing stations where you can plug in your laptop and work without being bothered, where I am currently residing while still keeping an eye on my gate.DIA even has free wi-fi so for those of you whom cant live without your email can keep connected.

Now, I know most airports are known for crappy service, long waits, and even worse food.But, Denver International Airport is different.While there is still the ambiguous McDonald’s, Panda Express, and snack shops; there are nicer dining options littered about each terminal.

Like; a paradise bakery, which serves fresh sandwiches, salads, and plenty of fruit.I personally bought my favorite, a chicken and walnut salad sandwich. If your looking for a sit-down meal, there are plenty of places to choose from at each terminal.Rockbottom Brewery, Timberline Steakhouse, and even a Wolfgang Puck Express!

No longer are the days where there are refrigerated vending machines with 3-week old sandwiches, bruised apples, and salty snacks.

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