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Smells Like Bean Spirit: Who Drinks the Most Coffee?

Americans drink 350 million cups of coffee per day. To put this in perspective, imagine that you are visiting Niagara Falls. If you observed the thunderous surge of water for half of a minute, that is approximately how much coffee Americans are consuming daily.  But hold on – you don’t have to throw yourself over the edge in a barrel just because you need a daily cup of coffee. In fact, you’re not alone if it seems you can’t wait another minute for your next cup! The National Coffee Association reports that more people are drinking more coffee every day. In fact, daily coffee consumption in the U.S. increased in 2012 by 7 percent over the year prior.

What’s driving that upswing? In addition to the abundant coffee shops, convenience stores and fast-food restaurants, workers also hold assumptions about how well they function on the job when they go without coffee. Some 43 percent of respondents to a 2012 Dunkin Donuts survey said that they think they’re less productive on the job sans coffee. Another 63 percent of coffee drinkers said they have two or more cups daily when they’re at work. With so many organizations also providing free coffee on the job, it’s no surprise that coffee consumption may be on the rise. Where does your own coffee consumption stand? Take a look at the infographic below, and you may find that you work in a coffee-guzzling profession.


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Smells Like Bean Spirit: Who Drinks the Most Coffee?
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