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Limburger: Hold Your Nose for This One

James Joyce famously quipped, “A corpse is meat gone bad. Well and what’s cheese? A corpse of milk.” This statement is probably even more true for this month’s “Cheese Please!” Series selection: Limburger.

It’s well-known that your sense of taste is intimately involved with your sense of smell; given Limburger cheese’s infamous aroma which has been compared to body odor, it may be difficult for some to imagine eating it.  For those who look beyond the stench, however, the rewards are many. Cheese enthusiasts and fromagères enjoy this adventurous delicacy with mustard, dill, caraway, onions, and a tall glass of beer. Limburger has even been a minor celebrity in films such as “Where the Limburger Blows” and was featured in a Warner Bros. cartoon opposite Daffy Duck as the despicable Nazi general, “Von Limburger”. Above all though, there is one undeniable benefit to enjoying this cheese: if you happen to misplace your Limburger sandwich in the dark, you won’t have any trouble finding it. Bon appétit.


Limburger, Wisconsin Cheese
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Limburger: Hold Your Nose for This One
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