Concocting Wine Sauces

Concocting Wine Sauces

Why Make a Sauce with Wine?

Wine is a commonly used ingredient in sauce making, and both red and white wines make great sauces. Typically these sauces are made by cooking off the alcohol and then reducing the wines until they become syrupy in consistency and concentrated in flavor. Once the wine is reduced, this reduction is then built upon using other ingredients such as stocks, juices, and purees. There are an endless number of renditions of wine sauces, and they can be used on everything from grilled steak to ice cream. Fortified wines, such as madeira, port and marsala are often used in smaller quantities as the addition to, as opposed to the foundation of, a particular sauce. These wines are intense in flavor, and only a small amount is needed to impart an intense flavor. In the following recipes you will see both red and white wine featured.

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