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In The Fire

How to Turn Your Favorite Foods Vegetarian

Check out these creative and tasty ways to staunch your meat cravings and get the protein your body needs without actually eating meat.

5 Sweet Candy/Cookie Combinations

Combine your love of candy and cookies with these five delicious mash-up recipes, featuring a few of our favorite sweets matched with traditional cookie recipes. 

8 Brain Foods for a Healthy Mind

Did you know certain foods are good for your brain? Check out our list of "brain foods" that have been proven to help with focus, memory and more.

10 Cocktails You Should Know How to Make

Explore your inner bartender with these 10 classy cocktail recipes that every chef or restaurateur should know how to make. You'll also get tips about which glasses and garnishes to use.

Holiday Bites: 5 Easy Recipes for Entertaining

The holidays are supposed to be frantic, right? Well, with the right recipes and a little kitchen confidence, they certainly don't have to be. These holiday appetizers are healthy, easy to make, and sure to please even the pickiest eaters.

6 Hot Cooking Trends and How to Do It Yourself

Stay up to date on the latest food trends and cooking trends, and find out how to do them at home. A bonus recipe is included at the end of the article.

A Day in the Life of a Food Stylist

Learn about food styling, check out the top food styling pros in the industry, and learn how a culinary education can give you the tools you need to work as a food stylist.

3 Healthy Smoothies Perfect for the Holidays

It's time to get out the blender and put it to work with these healthy smoothie recipes, perfect for the autumn and winter seasons. With super healthy foods like mango, spinach and pumpkin, these smoothies are sure to boost your daily routine.

What You Need to Know About Kombucha

Discover what kombucha is, and why it's the beverage of choice for natural foods zealots, chefs into creative cooking, and regular folks looking for new and exciting drink options.

Is Agave Nectar Really Better Than Sugar?

Chefs, bakers, and bartenders love agave nectar for its versatile flavor and exotic appeal, but some doubt the health claims made by many of its manufacturers. Read more about this brewing debate.

10 Jobs for Food-Lovers Who Can't Cook

Got a passion for food, but hate cooking? There's a job out there for you. Check out our list of 10 jobs for foodies and culinary artists who'd rather stay out of the kitchen.

10 Best Cities to Start a Restaurant

There are many factors when considering where to open a restaurant, so we've crunched the numbers and found the top ten best cities for chefs to start their next venture.

Sustainable sushi in Florida: a locavore's guide

Are you looking for a side of sustainability with your sushi? Dig into some of the freshest local cuisine in town with fresh sushi options in Miami, Orlando, Tampa and more.

How chefs can end food waste

Use your passion for great food for positive change. Chefs who reduce food waste can help end world hunger.

Chef jobs will never be the same after Ferran Adria

Ferran Adria knows no bounds when it comes to the union of food, art and science. With Adria's new El Bulli Foundation, other chefs will be able to apply their kitchen talents in an effort to drive culinary creativity.

Chefs Value Healthy Kids in 2011

Parents often struggle to find healthy food for their children at restaurants but the culinary arts world is stepping up to offer kids better choices.

Why Buying Fresh and Local is Not Enough

Customers are raising the stakes on healthy food with their demand for humane food. Can the food industry give them what they want?

The Role of Culinary Schools in the Local Food Movement

According to the National Restaurant Association, more diners are looking for local, sustainable ingredients on menus. Find out how culinary school prepares you for this challenge.

How Culinary School Helped These Chefs Realize Their Dream

For these chefs, going to culinary school gave them the skills they needed to start a new life and a successful and rewarding cooking and hospitality business.

Bite-Sized Treats Expand the Baking Business and Boost Pastry Chef Careers

Rising success of the cupcake trend shows that bigger isn't always better. Research shows that these mini-cakes are gaining popularity amongst both consumers and store owners.

The Rise of Reality Tv and Cake Decorating Themed Shows

Viewers are tuning into reality TV to see chefs in action as they craft themed cakes, fondant, and other culinary delights.

Trends Indicate Increased Demand for Gluten-free Menus and Recipes

By using gluten substitutes such as xanthan gum, chefs are increasingly adapting their menus to accommodate individuals with gluten-free diets.

Train for the Top Culinary Trends for 2011 at Culinary Schools in America

Lettuce grown on rooftop gardens. Children's meals that include fresh, whole foods. Fish species whose harvest doesn't damage ocean ecosystems.

The Debate Over Eating Exotic Meat

While people have always hunted wild animals for survival, eating exotic meat for pleasure and profit has become a growing culinary trend across the globe. Foodies, activists, inspectors, and restaurant owners all have different opinions about whether eating exotic meat is right or wrong.

Green Cuisine Takes Root in America's Kitchens

Sustainable cooking. Clean cuisine. Call it what you will, but cooking with a conscience has struck a chord with chefs and, in turn, their clientele.

Food Trucks: The Latest Craze in the Cooking World

Catering trucks and street food don't have the best reputations. In the past, you could count on food trucks to serve up suspect tuna salad on stale white bread with limp lettuce and coffee so strong it could strip the paint off your car. Today's trucks, however, take a much different approach.

From Restaurant Failure to Culinary Success: How the Recession Is Redefining the Food World

There's no question that opening restaurants has been difficult over the past year. The balance of who is going to make it versus who's going to fold has many chefs contemplating their futures.

Organic vs. Local. Which is Better?

One of the top ethical questions in the cooking world today centers on how we should nourish our bodies. In a world where more and more of our food is industrially produced using chemical enhancers and pesticides, many have turned to an organic diet.

The Wildly Straight Facts about Farming Salmon

In order to make smart choices regarding salmon consumption, you need the facts about farmed and wild salmon.

Eight Ice Sculpting Secrets for Making Memorable Art

Ice sculpting has become a multi million dollar industry. From buffet accents to individual serving dishes, it's come a long way baby! Years ago brides looking for swans and hearts for their weddings were the bulk of our work. Now our clients range from Aerosmith to ZZ-Top.

Beneath the Sugar Coating

If you've been paying attention at the grocery store lately, you've certainly noticed that the shelves in the sugar section have been inundated with new products. The recent barrage of granules, crystals, flakes, and powders has made it challenging to distinguish one sugar from another.

Food-borne Illness: Tips For Playing It Safe

Food-borne illnesses are on the rise, but are often preventable with proper knowledge.

Chef Rethinks Restaurant Concept in Down Economy

The current economy presents challenging times for the restaurant business. Chef passions, visions, and livelihoods have or could be changed based on the actual dollars being spent dining out. I can say, first hand, I've had to reevaluate how I do business.

Molecular Gastronomy: New Cooking Techniques with Familiar Food Flavors

Imagine an orb shaped dish brimming with fluorescent orange foam is placed in front of you. As you place the spoon on your tongue, the foam vanishes leaving behind nothing more than the essence of fresh, sweet carrots lingering in the back of your throat.

Lessons from the Kitchen: Planning a Tasting Dinner

I invited a very select group to come for a tasting dinner---with the only dialogue being where the inspiration for each dish came from. I wanted to make it clear I was not out to impress anyone, simply to let the food speak for itself. Here's a play-by-play guide to planning your own tasting dinner.

Chef Lingo: Bobble-Head-Free Kitchen Slang

Cute and curt may earn big bucks for some of TV's best known chefs, but what about those grounded in the real world? You know, the one's not on Anthony Bourdain's hit list. (He did call Rachel Ray a bobble head, after all).

Eating New York: Culinary Research at Its Finest

I recently went to New York on an eating escapade, though I like to think of it as research and development. We had only 2 ½ days to conquer New York's acclaimed dining scene. Those who know NY know this isn't even enough time to nibble through the lower east side!

Holiday Dinner How-To's for First Time Chefs

The key for any holiday meal plan, which includes a first attempt, is mis en place. Mis en place is a common professional term meaning essentially "everything in its place."

Launching a Restaurant in Style

I'd like to share some insights about this process as it relates to restaurant that I am getting ready to open.

Help me sort through turkey myths! How do you really bake the perfect bird?

There are several ways to achieve the perfect bird, and many method mistakes. Number one on my hit list of popular turkey myths and tricks is the "breast side down turkey" method, since nine out of ten times the breast skin will be torn and soggy.

Rethinking Culinary Creation

A chef's success is measured one dish at a time. That's why it's so important that every single dish that goes on your menu passes the test. Here's how I create my own new dish!

Expanding Your Culinary Horizons - Chef David Gilbert

Learning cooking basics in culinary school is the first step toward becoming a great chef, but it is far from the last. Learning to expand your culinary horizons through travel, practicing sustainability, staging, and delving into the business of food can make all the difference.

Any suggestions for keeping meat moist for large parties? I'm an off-site caterer and really need a workable solution.

Unfortunately, like in most things culinary, there is no perfect formula for moist meat-the mass of the meat, type of transport container, cooking method, holding time and many other factors must be considered. Once you understand how these things work together, however, you'll be a pro.

Lessons For Rookies

Becoming a chef is hard work, and many of the more tough situations you'll be forced to deal with are beyond your control. You have to learn to adapt, carry on and-as always-improve your craft.

Culinary Student Advice from Chef David Gilbert - Developing a Winning Chef Team

There's a reason the saying goes, "If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen." It's a tough job, both physically and creatively demanding. So what makes it all worthwhile?

Culinary School Advice from Chef David Gilbert

Current and potential culinary school students can use all the help they can get. Experienced, well-renown Chef David Gilbert of Luqa shares his experiences both in culinary school and in the professional kitchen!

In The Pantry

Cooking With Quinoa

Learn how to cook quinoa, and discover the nutritional and creative advantages of using this healthy grain. We have suggestions and quinoa recipes to get you started.

6 Tips for How to Eat Healthy at College

Nutrition experts offer advice on how to avoid the dreaded "freshman 15" and other tips for healthy eating.

From sweet to savory: A personal quest to have chocolate for dinner

I'm a big fan of interesting flavors and learning how to use them in the kitchen. That experience moved chocolate from sweet to savory in my mind, and it's been a wild, delicious ride ever since.

10 Craft Breweries Innovating American Beer

Forget wine. These 10 U.S. craft breweries prove that beer has still got it -- no fancy glass required.

Revisiting the Bell Pepper

Bell peppers can add some color to your diet and help deliver a variety of health benefits.

Taste the rainbow: 6 colorful, kid-friendly meal ideas

Feeding your child a variety of colors ensures nutritional balance. These kid-approved ideas can help.

Fall picks: 3 family worthy power foods

This fall, go for a healthier diet for you and your kids. These three fall power foods underscore healthy (and tasty) family fun.

Tips to help that picky child to eat

Now is the time to promote healthy eating and good food choices among children, especially when obesity is a growing trend. These tips can help parents to guide their children toward an interest in food and to promote a healthy food relationship with eating.

A Perfectly Old and Crusty Culinary Class: Artisan Breads

Artisan breads is one the specialty classes you can take while in culinary school. Find out how much you can learn about the art and science of bread baking.

Gluten-free Bakery Find Its Niche in Down Economy

Are you interested in learning about what it takes to operate a bakery for people with food allergies or a specialty diet? Find out how two bakers in Buffalo made their gluten-free business a success.

Can a Green Culinary Arts Business Make Greenbacks?

The appeal of sustainability in food service is increasingly appealing for customers, chefs, and owners alike, but only if it's affordable, which is why this cafe owner makes his changes step by step.

Can Chefs Address Obesity?

Anyone cooking for a successful food service operation has their hands full. Can chefs also participate in addressing our nation's obesity epidemic?

Berries Ripe for the U-picking

Berries are a summertime superfood, and the best picks come from local farms. Learn about this year's berry harvest, how to find u-pick farms, and culinary tips for the harvest.

The Perfect Bean: Cooking with Coffee

Cooking with coffee has been a brewing trend for U.S. chefs. Whether savory or sweet, coffee's noted characteristics of bittersweet chocolate, roasted nuts, ripe dark berries, and floral, grape, or peach-like undertones add richness to food like no other spice.

Taste the Holidays: My Fabulous Menu

How do you create the perfect holiday dinner? This is a tough question to answer, since tastes and tradition often influence our culinary choices. I can, however, share how I go about making my own menu.

The Cooking Power of Alternative Flour

Discussions of alternative flours are often centered around wheat allergies, celiac disease, and gluten-free cooking, but there are many other reasons to venture beyond the all-purpose (AP) realm and experiment with other varieties of flour.

Cooking with Squash Blossoms: Zucchini Flowers in the Kitchen

Zucchini flowers are a prime example of how, through the ages, chefs' aversions to waste have melded into cooking traditions.

Cooking with Blood: Yesterday and Today

Cooking with blood may sound like something out of a horror novel or thriller flick, but culinary use of blood is a tradition that dates back thousands of years.

Herbs and Spices--Not Just for Dinner Anymore

When you think of dessert spices, cinnamon may be the first to come to mind, and of course we're all familiar with sweets such as gingerbread, spice cake, and mint chocolate brownies.

Luscious Lettuce

Whether you're a seasoned chef or just starting out in the kitchen, our concise guide to using lettuce can inspire your spring menus. Find recipes and cooking tips for lettuce.

A Potato Primer: Beyond the Russet Burbank

Cooking information, tips, and recipes to help amateur and professional chefs find original ways to cook with potatoes.

Great Grains: From Stellar Stars to Main-Dish Marvels, Liven Up Your Menus with Grains

Are you in a side dish rut? et's face it; there are only so many ways to prepare rice and potatoes. If you're feeling ready to breathe some new life into your winter menus, look no further than these under appreciated grains.

Rustic Roots: Fall Veggies Take Center Stage

Add seasonal flavor to your fall cooking with tips on adding root vegetables such as carrots, beets, and turnips to your menu. Includes delicious recipes.

Screaming for Ice Cream

No food encapsulates the feeling of summer more than ice cream. Whether you're enjoying a cone after an afternoon at the beach, hosting a make-your-own sundae party, or celebrating a warm-weather birthday with an ice cream cake, the dog days of summer are always more fun with this creamy confection.

Go Ga-Ga for Garlic

There's a little unassuming bulb whose pungent flavor can transform the most basic bread, grains, vegetables, and meats, into memorable meals.

Oh Honey! All About Nature's Nectar

A guide to honey. Learn all about nature's sweetest necture, including tips, recipes, and benefits for using it. Includes info on a variety of honey types, such as clover, orange blossom, fireweed, tupelo, and more.

Awesome Blossoms: Cooking with Artichokes

Love the taste of fresh artichokes, but aren't sure what to do with them? This chef guide provides tips for cooking with artichokes, and a few artichoke recipes to get you started.

Polished Polenta: Indulge in Italian Comfort Food.

As the winter cold sets in, we crave rich, filling meals, and polenta fits the bill perfectly. Smooth, creamy, and oh-so versatile, polenta is the perfect staple to add to your menu this month.

New Year's Chef Challenge: Try These 5 Palate Pleasers!

Ring in the New Year with this chef's challenge: resolve to use 5 new or tricky ingredients. Includes culinary tips and recipes for cooking pork belly, cucumber and squash blossoms, kohlrabi, dragon fruit, and wild boar.

Plan a Thanksgiving Meal to Remember

Make this year's meal something to remember. Whether you cook a classic menu or create new traditions entirely.

Perfecting Pumpkin

Featured fall ingredient: pumpkin. Find sweet & savory pumpkin recipes including pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin soup, and more from Chef2Chef.

The Big Apple - Getting to the Core of Fall's Favorite Fruit

Crisp, sweet, and delicious, apples are a treat no matter how you eat them. In addition to being tasty, apples are also a guilt-free snack, offering numerous health benefits to their consumers.

Get Fearless with Phyllo

Light, crisp, and delicious, anything made with phyllo dough is sure to please, but has a reputation for being difficult to work with. This guide will teach you to become fearless with phyllo, adding a little puff into your baking repertoire.

Peeling hard boiled eggs: How in the heck can I get that membrane to break loose without tearing off chunks of white?

Anyone can hard boil and peel an egg, right? Maybe not. Everyone has their own theory on the "right" way to do it, and tried and true methods from around the globe are as varied as the cooks themselves. What's a chef to do?

Job Profile

How to Become a Baker

You can turn your love of baking into a successful career. Explore online baking degree programs and gain the skills you need to become a professional baker.

How to Become a Backstage Caterer

Some chefs use their culinary school degree to earn good money doing backstage catering for actors, musicians or performers. Read more about working in this niche industry.

How to Become a Wedding Caterer

One of the most exciting chef jobs in the culinary arts industry is wedding catering. Get paid well and be an essential part of people's ultra-special day.

How to Become a Personal Chef

Running a personal chef business requires more than just cooking skills. Learn how culinary school can increase your culinary repertoire, client-base, and income.

Chef Christopher Thielman: From Dishwasher to Culinary School Coordinator

Culinary school instructor Chef Christopher Thielman got his start as a 15-year old dishwasher. Find out how culinary school at the Culinary Institute of America helped him make the leap.

How to Become a Restaurant Manager

Managing a restaurant requires a combination of people skills, business knowledge, and for some, culinary expertise. Find out what restaurant managers do, where they typically work, and industry trends.

How to Become a Sommelier (Wine Steward)

Love wine? Discover how you can turn your passion into a career and learn exactly what a sommelier's responsibilities may be.

How to Become a Cafeteria Manager

Cafeteria managers don't just work in schools, as one might think. Learn about the many responsibilities and different environments that come with managing a cafeteria.

How to Become a Sous Chefs

The sous chef is second-in-command in the kitchen. Learn what being a sous chef entails and how one can work to attain this position at a restaurant.

How to Become a Catering Director

Catering directors are responsible for making sure food-related processes of catered events run smoothly and have a range of tasks, from menu planning to hiring staff.

How to Become a Fine Dining Chef

Fine dining chefs are the artists behind some of the most delectable dishes you've ever tasted. In addition to developing innovative recipes, refining flavor profiles, and creating beautiful plates of food, fine dining chefs also handle many of the day-to-day responsibilities of running a gourmet kitchen.

How to Become a Food Services Manager

Though chefs sometimes get all the glory, any one who has watched Kitchen Nightmares knows that a restaurant cannot run without good management.

How to Become a Pastry Chef

Unlike traditional chefs who often are given open-ended responsibility over everything that goes on in a restaurant's kitchen, pastry chefs specialize in a narrow niche area of the field, albeit one that can be surprisingly complex and demanding.

How to Become an Executive Chef

An executive chef, also known as chef de cuisine or head chef, is the top supervisor in a private or corporate food environment, overseeing all kitchen operations, including personnel, food production, and budgeting.

Proper Pairing: You as a Sommelier?

When people think of sommeliers, they tend to imagine a well-dressed server pouring out a small amount of wine for a guest to sniff and try.

How to Become a Private Chef

Personal chefs and private chefs cook in the homes of individuals or families rather than at restaurants.

Caterer Job Profile: Careers on the Move

Caterers prepare, transport, and serve elegant culinary creations at events not held in a restaurant or prepared by a hotel's banquet staff.

Line Cook Job Profile: Become a Culinary Specialist

Line cooks are critical to a restaurant's success as they concentrate on culinary components such as grilling, preparing vegetables, or creating sauces.